Our interior design expert consultant will meet with you to discuss the design needs, preferences, and budget. During the Consultation, the design expert consultant may also measure the space and assess any existing furniture or decor you wish to keep. The consultation may include a discussion of color schemes, materials, and any specific design features you would like to incorporate. 

We will then develop a design plan from this initial meeting and present it to you for feedback and revisions. Once a final design is agreed upon, our team of expert designers will begin the process of sourcing materials and furnishings and overseeing the installation of the design. 

The goal of the consultation is to ensure that your vision is translated into a functional and beautiful space that meets your needs and budget.


Trusted Interior Design Consultancy Service in Singapore

Are you looking to redo or upgrade your home interiors but feeling unsure about where to begin? Connect with our reliable Interior Design Consultants at Mins Studio, a trusted name in Singapore’s interior design scene. Our consultants provide expert advice, guidance, and creative input and help you visualise your desired design.

What’s typically involved in an interior design consultation?

Our Interior Design Consultant will meet with you to understand your requirements, preferences, and goals for the space. You may discuss the desired style, color schemes, layout, and any specific needs or limitations.

Here are some of the key responsibilities and activities that our Interior Design Consultant may engage in:

Space Planning: This involves creating efficient and functional layouts for rooms, considering factors such as traffic flow, furniture placement, and utilisation of available space.

Design Concept Development: Based on the client’s input, the consultant develops design concepts that align with the client’s vision. These concepts include ideas for materials, finishes, furnishings, lighting, and decor elements.

Material and Finishes Selection: The consultant helps clients choose appropriate materials, finishes, and textures for surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, and countertops. This includes selecting paint colors, flooring materials, tiles, wallpapers, and more.

Furniture and Fixture Selection: The consultant assists in selecting furniture pieces, fixtures, and fittings that match the space’s design concept and functional requirements. This involves considering factors like comfort, durability, and style.

Lighting Design: Lighting plays a crucial role in interior design. The consultant plans the placement of lighting fixtures to achieve the desired ambiance and functionality, taking into account natural and artificial lighting sources.

Customisation: If needed, the consultant may recommend or design custom-made furniture, cabinetry, or built-in features to optimise space utilisation and meet specific design goals.

Color Coordination: Selecting an appropriate color palette is essential for creating a cohesive and harmonious interior. The consultant helps clients choose colors that suit the design concept and evoke the desired emotions.

Budget Management: Interior Design Consultants often work within budget constraints. They source products and materials that align with the client’s budget while maintaining quality and design integrity.

Project Management: Some consultants oversee the implementation of the design plan, coordinating with contractors, suppliers, and other professionals involved in the project to ensure that the design vision is executed properly.

Presentation: Consultants may create visual presentations, including mood boards, 3D renderings, and sketches, to help clients visualise the proposed design concepts before implementation.

Staying Updated: To provide clients with the latest trends and design innovations, consultants stay informed about industry developments, new materials, and emerging design styles.

What Our Customers Have To Say

  • K

    Min was recommended to me by a mutual friend when I needed to renovate my new home. The process was super quick and smooth, she understood what I wanted perfectly and even suggested lots of ways to enhance things without changing the original idea!! Workmanship was great and swiftly done – no complaints at all! Customer service is also 100/10. I really cannot recommend her enough if you or anyone you know needs interior design/renovation services!

  • L & J
    Renovation & Styling

    Was recommended to Yixun by a friend and didn’t regret my choice! He was super on the go to help us with our Reno and made sure we have different options before going into the pros and cons and helping us with the whole process from design to actual Reno.

  • D

    Mins Studio was introduced to me by friends and they are proactive and very responsive. The designers provides solutions and alternatives which help in decision making. They manage the timeline well and in fact completed ahead of schedule. Overall, I’ve recommended Mins Studio to many of my friends!

  • G.T

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Mins Studio for the renovation of my home. From the very first consultation, I was impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. They took the time to understand my vision and offered creative solutions to make it a reality. The execution was good, and the end result cannot be any better. I am very happy with the work they have done, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for any renovation works!!!